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I’m back!

I never thought I’d say this but I’m back to playing with yarn and loving it! My friend Pamela took up knitting about a year ago and at times I was envious. I convinced myself that there wouldn’t be enough time to paint if I started crocheting again. Winter is in sight and I went to shop for a scarf last week. I couldn’t find one I liked and then I remembered  . . I could make one!

Well a week later here I am blogging about it. I rebuilt my website and yes, my painting has suffered a tad. But oh well. I’m having fun and I’m totally distracted from life stuff. Yes, that’s one of the benefits of working with yarn!
I crocheted these fingerless gloves for my son’s girlfriend who is having a birthday soon (they are named after her). Here’s an image of the pattern. It’s so simple!

View the pattern here!

If you click on the “all patterns” link you’ll see the available patterns that I have. Some old, some new, some free. I’m busy updating the site. Please be patient and bookmark it!

Of minor interest: If it wasn’t for The Wayback Machine, an internet archive, I don’t think I would have had the patience to set up my website again since I didn’t save all the files. I was able to retrieve the general layout that I had a few years back. I also was able to grab some of my old blog posts which I’ve added below.

Formerly known as ballostringdesigns – I had to take the s off the end because the domain no longer is available.

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