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much needed winter hat

It’s in the single digits in Massachusetts and with the wind chill it’s probably 20 below. Brrrrr!
I started knitting and crocheting again because my grandchildren moved to Vermont. When they lived in Arizona I suppose I could have knitted bathing suits for them but that’s kind of pointless.


I crocheted them each an ear flap hat and mittens. It was so much fun . . . I forgot that I enjoyed playing with yarn.

There’s a photo of Coen wearing the mittens. And Coen and Avie wearing their hats šŸ™‚













From there I was once again hooked.
I knit this hat using a pattern I designed a number of years ago. It’s a simple design with a brim using theĀ relief double crochet stitch. I usedĀ Ā Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn adjusting the size of the pattern a bit.










I couldn’t stop at one hat though! I found this pattern online at Purlavenue. The knit hat has ribbing but it doesn’t show well on mine because the yarn I used was a bit thick for the needles. Because of that I had a difficult time keeping track of the cables. It still fits and I love it!
Warm as heck and much needed.



I think a new pattern might be in the works so stay tuned and warm!


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