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Artply Allison Dollhouse Renovation

dollhouse renovationI know this is a bit off topic, but . . . we’ve been cleaning out our basement and my husband came across my daughter’s old dollhouse which I built in the early 80’s. He said, “Isn’t it time to get rid of this?” My immediate response was the rescue mode.

Fall and winter are usually the times when I pick up the hook or needle. My husbands remark drove me into a renovation project and I’ve been busy with it for the past two weeks. To say I’m having fun is an understatement. I’m learning to make furniture, lighting, and small accessories.

I’m sure I’ll be creating small items with yarn so stay tuned if you wish!
Please note that I will be sharing updates from the dollhouse and I hope you’ll enjoy following the progress.

The original house is the Artlpy Allison dollhouse.

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