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DIY miniature track lights 1:12 scale

I’ve been working on the lighting for the dollhouse. I wanted track lighting in the living room. With the help of some online searches, I created these. I decided to go with battery-powered lights because I don’t want to wire the house.

diy track lighting for dollhouse

I bought mini led balloon lights .
I chiseled a wooden skewer to fit the hole at the top of the lights. To secure each light in place I wrapped a narrow piece of aluminum insulation tape around the side of each light.
For the bar, I cut three pieces of foam core board, glued them together, and glued each side of the skewer into the vertical pieces. For the shades, I used card stock paper and painted them with a few layers of gold acrylic painting. These were attached with super glue to the lights.

The fixture is glued to the ceiling.
All I need to do is screw the lights tight to illuminate the room!

balloon lights
wood skewer
aluminum tape
gold acrylic painting
super glue
card stock paper
foam core board

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