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Dollhouse bathroom floor and wall

Dollhouse bathroom floor and wall

The dollhouse bathroom floor and wall was a fun project and easy to make with already available materials.
Besides making lighting, the bathroom has been the most fun! Probably because it took the most amount of creativity and work.

dollhouse tile bathroom floor and wall

DIY 1:12 dollhouse bathroom

Since the dollhouse has only 4 rooms I didn’t want to waste one on a bathroom so I used the attic space in the house. Although it only fits a child version of a doll, I was still able to use 1:12 scale.

dollhouse tile bathroom floor and wall

mini dollhouse sink

I just received the sink in the mail from Miniature Crush at Etsy! I still need to make a towel rack and other accessories. On the wall behind the large cabinet (made with foam core board), I covered a piece of board with aluminum tape to create a mirror.

My process:

  • For the dollhouse tile bathroom floor and wall, I printed out patterns from the web onto printer paper.
  • After measuring the areas to be covered I glued the flooring to Bristol board paper. You can use card stock as well.
  • When that dried I brushed the surfaces with an acrylic gloss medium to strengthen it and give it a shine.
  • I then glued them in place.

I also used a small dowel to make the floor trim. I love it!

1:12 scale toilet paper

DIY toilet paper rolls

The toilet paper rolls were so easy to make! There’s a video on YouTube with easy instructions. The toilet paper holder was made with a toothpick, foam core board, and gold acrylic paint.


foam core board
gold acrylic paint
bristol board or card stock
toilet paper
aluminum tape

More updates coming soon!
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