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DIY miniature no sew curtains 1:12 scale

DIY miniature no sew curtains 1:12 scale

I decided to design these DIY miniature no sew curtains for the bedroom after being dissatisfied with an online search for no-sew curtains. I kept it really simple using fabric and Elmer’s glue.
These were made for a bedroom door that leads to a balcony.

diy 1:12 scale curtains


  • 2 rectangles of fabric cut to fit the window. Mine measured 5″W x 7″H
  • white glue
  • wood skewer
  • awl
  • 2 beads
  • 10 split loop jump rings
  • acrylic paint
  • super glue
  • emery board
  • mini glue dots (optional)


After cutting out the fabric swatches make a hem on each side of the curtain with a small amount of glue. ( I hemmed 3 sides because I wanted to keep the fringe on the bottom).
Let dry.

Using an awl, make 5 holes spaced evenly at the top of each curtain. Insert the jump rings in the holes.


Cut the ends of a wooden skewer to measure the width of your window adding up to 1/2″ on each side.
Lightly “sand” the ends with an emery board and then paint with the color of your choice. Let dry.


Place the curtains on the rod and attach a bead on the ends using a drop of super glue to secure.


I used mini glue dots to hang the curtains by attaching a dot to each bead so I can easily replace it.

I love these beads . . .thanks to my daughters bead collection!


My DIY miniature no sew curtains in the room. Please excuse the condition of the room! I still need to paint the ceilings and add door trim.


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