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DIY Dollhouse trellis and molding

DIY Dollhouse trellis and molding

When I first started the dollhouse renovation I picked up random things that I thought I’d need for making miniatures.


Little did I know at the time that these wooden kraft sticks would have so many uses! My latest use was designing and building a trellis for the front porch and installing molding into the living room. These are sturdy yet soft enough to cut with a strong pair of scissors without splintering.

After I cut the pieces I use an emery board to smooth the cut edges.





Dollhouse Trellis instructions

DIY Dollhouse trellis and molding


    • To make sure that the trellis is squared draw a grid on a piece of paper.
    • Oh . . if you want to paint the trellis do this before you start laying out the sticks
    • Measure the area where the trellis will hang and cut 3 vertical pieces and enough horizontal pieces to fit.
    • To prevent movement of the sticks while you are working, use a doubled over piece of tape to secure each stick to the working surface.
    • Layout the vertical pieces. Then glue and layout the horizontal pieces, spacing evenly.
    • Let dry, turn over and glue the middle vertical stick.

Below is the finished trellis that  I glued to the inside of the porch. As you can see, I have more work to do!

Dollhouse floor and ceiling molding

I used the Skinny Sticks again for the dollhouse molding. Before I started I realized that I never painted the ceilings and they looked horrible! What a difference a clean ceiling and small details make. Here’s a before and after:

ceiling before paint

painted ceiling

painted ceiling and trim

ceiling trim








The next project is installing the door trim.


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