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Dollhouse Porch Renovation and links

Dollhouse Porch Renovation and useful links

Dollhouse PorchThis was such a fun project!
My dollhouse porch is small and not very deep.
I was struggling as to whether or not I should remove the porch rail which disrupted the view. I took it down last night with no regrets.
Now the work that I’ve done to beautify the porch is worth the eye strain from working small!


For the table, I used this photo as inspiration, which can be found on Pinterest.
Stay tuned for an update on the tutorial.

The watering can was made by mostly following a watering can tutorial on YouTube.
I used a large birdhouse that I have as a reference to building the miniature one using foam core board.






Dollhouse topiaryThe topiary was the most fun!
I made the pot by cutting out a small piece of a toilet paper roll for the main part and the base. I used an extra piece to create the rim around the pot. When it was dry I painted it with a terracotta color.

The treetop was made with “moss stones” that I found at the Dollar Store. They are also available at Amazon.
They were a bit large so cut them in half and removed some of the styrofoam centers.
This made it possible to use 2 and glue them together for the shape I wanted. I used cloth-covered floral wire for the stalk of the tree and wound dark green embroidery floss around it.
For the greens at the base of the tree, I glued the surface of the filled pot and sprinkled it with cut fake grass (I bought a sample of artificial grass at Amazon).


For the taller topiary, I painted a lipstick cover for the planter. These “moss stones” make topiary building a breeze. It takes just minutes!


The chair tutorial was published earlier this month.




Next up! My struggles with building a spiral staircase.




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