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Dollhouse spiral staircase

Dollhouse spiral staircase

The dollhouse doesn’t have a bathroom so I built one in the attic space. The one problem was that there were no stairs and to build a regular stairway would have taken up too much space in the room below. So I searched for instructions for a dollhouse spiral staircase and found a few.
It took three tries to get it right!
Below is the first try. I used hot glue to attach the stairs but with each addition, the stairs got further away from the pole. So, no go!

The second try was using a small piece of straw attached to each stair and then dropping that onto a larger vertical straw. It worked but hot glue is definitely not the way to go! As you can see it’s a mess.

The third try worked like a charm! I decided to use a little patience in letting a regular white glue dry.
I used the straw method again (YouTube instructions which I kind of followed ). The stairs are made from 1/8″ foam core board. The railing is made from toothpicks and paper.
You can see some imperfections in the photo because it’s larger than life. In-person it looks really good!
I love my new dollhouse spiral staircase.

dollhouse spiral staircase
dollhouse spiral staircase

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