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ballostring design’s free crochet patterns
All the crochet patterns below are free to use!
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The crochet patterns in the free section have not been tested. They were written as I went along and although I do not expect errors it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. If you notice any errors or have any difficulty with a pattern, please let me know.
If you used one of Ballostring Design’s free crochet or knit patterns and want to share the photo in the “customer creations” gallery (in progress), please email me and I will reply with the format specifications. I’m very interested in seeing what yarns you choose.


















The free patterns are for personal use only. If you have any questions about use please read my guidelines for use in the FAQ section..
If you download one of ballostring design’s patterns I would love to hear from you after you use it. You can post your thoughts in the  guestbook.